Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So here I am.....

I guess I'm now officially a blogger!  I'll decide later if I like this or not; for now, the deed is done, and welcome to my blog.

A little background: I'm a 34-year-old woman with a recent and absurdly easy 33-lb weight loss and I wanted an easy way to share with my friends the way I did it.  I've adopted a ketogenic approach: basically, I hard-rebooted my metabolism away from being driven by sugars in their various forms to being driven by fats in their various forms.  When your body remembers it knows how to burn fat as well as build it, then it miraculously dips into that unsightly storage pudge that accumulates over the years - and voila, weight loss magic happens.  I'll go into the finer (and more scientific) details of all this in future posts, but for now we'll keep it simple: bacon makes you skinny.

Yes.  It really does.

So I'll be sharing recipes that focus on a high percentage of healthy fats - animal fats, not the vegetable variety.  Also proteins, because proteins keep your muscles from wasting and helps supply the tiny amount of glucose your body actually needs (really, it needs very little.  Very, very little.)  And then there's the carbs - the tiniest portion of all.  I'm not an advocate of a carb-free lifestyle (though it may seem like it from time to time), mainly because fat and protein lack the all-essential fiber that my gut simply cannot live without. 

These recipes should appeal to the carnivore in all of us (or at least, most of us), and will hopefully encourage all of you to deny the lie that says you're doomed to quietly fatten for the rest of your days.   Hang on, because I'm going to turn everything you think you know about healthy eating on its head.


  1. Yay! I need lots of good recipes, cookbook recommendations, and the science behind it all. :) Thank you in advance! ;)

  2. No problem, I'll be posting any articles I come across that back the science of keto, as well as linking to any good recipes or fellow low-carb blogs I can find. This whole blogging thing is new to me, so keep checking back, I'll be updating a lot as I get this thing up and running.