Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Ketoid

A friend suggested I share with you all a typical day for me in regards to what I eat.

I've just recently increased my carb count; I've been sticking to 20 grams or less per day, because it seems to be the only way I can keep the weight loss coming.  However, I am almost to my goal weight (only 5lbs to go, yeah baby!) and have been feeling rather tired and run down lately.  I did a little self-examination and realized that I've only been taking in 600-800 calories per day - and that's with eating every time I'm hungry, and not stopping till I'm full!  So in respect for the message my body was obviously trying to convey, I've upped my milk intake and feel much better.  This post includes my day with the higher amount of milk.

This tends to vary greatly day to day based on whether or not I'm going to work.  Often it's just a small glass of milk and a couple slices of bacon.
 The bacon is very important, because the fat keeps me from getting hungry halfway through the morning.  If I'm home for the day, scrambled eggs with lots of cheese often goes with the bacon.

I do take some supplements: a multivitamin, potassium and magnesium when I get muscle cramps, and 1-2 tablets of fermented cod liver oil tablets every day.  I have chronically low Vitamin D, even with how much sun I get every week, so I usually take 2.  Additionally, I take 2-3 fiber pills; I have trouble with irritable bowel syndrome, and they help keep my tummy happy.  And no, they don't act as a laxative as long as I don't drink the whole glass of water the bottle recommends.

When I eat depends on how much I ate for breakfast.  Often, I'm not hungry again till 1 or 2pm.  If I'm at work, lunch may be some sliced turkey meat wrapped in a slice of provolone and dipped in mustard.  Peanut butter bread slathered in fresh butter makes an excellent side along, with another glass of milk.  Also, I try to drink 1.5L of water per day; it's good for your kidneys, and makes me feel great.  When you're in keto, water is very important.

It's entirely likely that my dinner will consist of a glass of milk and nothing more.  By this time of day, I usually still feel pretty full and don't want to bother with dinner.  However, since I'm trying to increase my calories for the day some, steak and eggs make a simply awesome dinner.  Or pork chops; they go just as well with eggs, maybe even better than the steak!  A nice green salad or some steamed broccoli dipped in garlic-parmesan butter makes for a good side.

That's a pretty typical day for me!  I fill in with glasses of milk throughout the day when I'm at home and any time I'm feeling munchy.  I keep bacon slices in the freezer as well for a quick snack, or gnaw on a wedge of really sharp cheddar.  Looks like I've gotten a little light on the veggies; I'll have to work on that.


  1. Wow! Thanks! I'm getting back on it for real tomorrow! When I'm in the zone I eat more nuts than I should probably. You are inspirational! Thanks! My 10 year old is doing it with me. She loves meat, but is allergic to eggs. She is shaped just like me! My good raw milk-loving doctor said she needed to go low carb to keep her cholest. in a good range. :)

  2. Yes, nuts are a double edged sword; they're good protein and fat, but they're hard to eat in moderation. Also, peanuts are not nuts! I have a hard time with that one. ;)

    I honestly love eating keto, I feel great and I love the food. This is how I ate as a kid, and I was always skinny and always running. I've gotten so used to this, I'm actually having a hard time wrapping my brain around eating more carbs! That's such a weird thought!