Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keto Waffles:An Update

Alright, so I finally got around to making the keto waffles.  Of all the keto recipes I've tried so far, this is the only one I probably won't make again.  It's not that it isn't successful: the batter did fry up into nice waffle shapes.  But they're also extremely light (ie, mostly air), crumble easily, and have very little flavor.  Over all, not as satisfying or as simple as the keto pancakes, and I just don't see going to the extra effort for less satiety.

On another note: I bought some low-carb jellys at the store the other day to try them out.  I've read rave reviews from other ketoans, particularly about the Polanor low sugar fruit spreads, so I thought I'd try them.  They're surprisingly bland; almost no sweetness to them at all despite the Splenda, and even the fruit flavor was lacking to me.  In short, from now on I'll skip the pricey jarred stuff and opt for some fresh fruit on my pancakes instead if I need something sweet.  Fewer chemicals and better flavor.  After all, as much as I'm focused on watching my carbs, fruits DO have good nutrients and are a very acceptable cheat in my book. 

So there you go, I saved you the time and expense of buying whey protein and low-sugar jams.  You're welcome, and I will get another tried-and-true recipe up in the next couple of days.

Keto on!

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