Sunday, August 26, 2012

Recipe Update: Butter Balls

Oh my gosh, ADD THE PEANUT BUTTER!!  I warmed about 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter in the microwave and added it to the butterball batter, and it tastes awesome!  Might need to add a bit more stevia though; if you use regular peanut butter it'll probably be sweet enough on it's own, but beware - it has sugar in it.

Also, I added an egg this time.  I think it gives it a more cookie-dough texture, and it definitely adds fat and protein.  I might even add two next time; I love eggs.  Eggs and butter are best friends.


Butter on, faithful readers!


  1. My mom says the reason you can eat cookie dough raw is because of the sugar "killing" the egg. Is it safe to eat raw egg in sugar free dough?

    1. That's interesting,Tori: I was taught that raw cookie dough with egg was NEVER safe, even with the sugar! :D

      I can't tell you for sure that it's safe to eat with the raw egg in it; all I can tell you is that I ate the dough that way and had no problems. Any time you consume raw egg there's a risk of salmonella poisoning, so proceed on your own best judgement. The recipe works just as well without the egg if you'd rather not risk it.

      Thanks for asking!